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Welcome to Silver Star Classics Silver Star Classics is exclusively devoted to the sale of Vintage Mercedes Benz automobiles. By vintage we mean pre 1972 classic, collectible Cabriolets, Coupes, and Roadsters. We offer several different services to help in your goal of selling your classic Mercedes Benz for the highest price. Consignment Services - With over 30 years of experience devoted to Mercedes Benz automobiles, we will help you get the optimal price for your car. We will take on the responsibility of selling the car for you and take the frustration out of the selling process. Proper preparation of your car is a key element in getting the best possible price. Your car needs to look and run it’s best. Our Mercedes Benz restoration experience assures that your car will be in peak condition for sale. Sometimes a small investment is required in order to make the car as presentable as possible. Oftentimes a small investment now, reaps big rewards with a higher sale price. Advertising- Our 30 years of experience in the classic Mercedes Benz industry is a powerful selling tool. We get calls and emails daily from people in search of particular classic Mercedes Benz cars. Our consignment service takes care of all advertising expenses. In most cases the car is usually sold before print advertising even hit’s the market. Fees- standard consignment fees of 10 percent up to $75,000.00 and 5 percent of any amount over $75,000.00. Professional Inspection and Appraisals - If you have already found a car you might be interested in purchasing, we offer pre-purchase inspection and appraisal of the car. We know what to look for and what to look out for. Paying a small fee to a knowledgeable, impartial 3rd party, can avoid major headaches down the road. If you are interested in our consignment services, or pre-inspection inspection service, send us an email or give us a call at 828-321-4268 Advertise your car on this website - Silver Star Classics web listing service provides unequaled exposure for your vintage Mercedes Benz automobile. Photographs, full descriptions and your contact information will appear on these pages. Click on Mercedes for Sale for the list broken down my model to find the car you are interested in, and browse the listings. If you find one you like, click on it for the ad, photos and contact information. On these pages we give prospective buyers more than just listings of Mercedes for sale, we provide information on these great cars, and telling you what to look for and what to look out for. We will provide you with production figures, and give you some history of the great classic Mercedes Benz models. Information is power and the more information you arm yourself with, the better to aid you in your search for a classic Mercedes Benz. "If you judge all the cars in the world on the basis of engineering, construction integrity, reliability and the degree of perfection with which they fill their intended function, then the ten best cars in the world are probably all built by Mercedes Benz." ----- Road & Track Magazine While every effort is made to guarantee accuracy, no guarantees, claims, or warranties are implied by Silver Star Classics for items advertised on this site. Pricing, availability, and information pertaining to advertised vehicles are the sole liability of the individual seller. Silver Star Classics claims no accuracy to advertisements made herein.
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